Hearing aids battery


Hearing aid & Implant batteries

We offer one of the best prices in Singapore for hearing aid and implant batteries. All our batteries are power one by Varta. Power one is the most reliable and stable high voltage batteries in the world and is the best-selling battery to hearing aid and implant users worldwide.

All batteries are shipped in from Germany to our clinic.

Battery purchase

You can shop for hearing aid batteries in our office or by sending us an email to: enquiry@hearlife.com.sg.

Please take note of the type of battery you need. Each battery blister card contains 6 batteries. One box of batteries contains 10 blister cards (60 batteries).


Size A10 batteries (Yellow)

Size A13 batteries (Orange)

Size A312 batteries (Brown)

Size A675 batteries (Blue)

Box of 10 blister cards SGD$45.00 Box of 10 blister cards SGD$45.00 Box of 10 blister cards SGD$45.00 Box of 10 blister cards SGD$55.00

Tips on using your batteries

DO – Activate the battery by removing the coloured tab and exposing the battery to air before inserting into the hearing aid or implant sound processor.

DO – Dispose of batteries in the trash or at any battery recycling centre.

DO – Use batteries only suitable for hearing aids or sound processors.

DON’T - Let your battery come in contact with metal objects, as it will cause it to discharge.

DON’T - Use wet batteries as it can damage your hearing aid or sound processor.

DON’T - Use rusty or mouldy batteries.